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Preserving a Precious Part of the Planet


Welcome to Pacha Quindi´s Nature Refuge and Habitat Restoration Project in NW Ecuador


Pacha Quindi, which means Hummingbird Place in the native language of Quichua, for nearly two decades has been dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural habitat of the Andean cloud forest in NW Ecuador. This being one of the most biologically diverse habitats on the planet, Pacha Quindi understands the need not only to protect and preserve the Andean cloud forest, but also to educate both local residents and visiting tourists of the of the importance to do so. Having established a Nature Refuge in this area Pacha Quindi is able to allow others to experience for themselves the natural beauty and wonder of this very unique and biologically diverse environment.





Our Mission


Pacha Quindi Nature Refuge and Habitat Restoration Project is dedicated to the preservation and protection of existing areas of original cloud forest habitat and wildlife, as well as restoring degraded and disturbed areas to allow for the recolonization of the original cloud forest flora and fauna, by means of land purchases, education, research, and active service.


Our Story


Pacha Quindi Nature Refuge originated from the minds and hearts of two environmentally aware and concerned individuals, Tony Nunnery and Barbara Bolz. It arose from their desire to have a positive influence on the planet through the conservation of natural habitats.  Their wish to personally contribute to the restoration of degraded areas of the environment influenced them to buy land in the Tandayapa Valley of NW Ecuador. It was here nearly two decades ago that they began with their own savings and physical labor to create what today has become Pacha Quindi Nature Refuge and Habitat Restoration Project, together with the Pacha Quindi Hummingbird Garden.


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Habitat Restoration Project

Planting for a Better World


Pacha Quindi has been actively involved in the Tandayapa Valley of Ecuador where it has restored over 30 hectares of previously clear-cut pasture into very healthy cloud forest habitat. In addition it has been helping to secure the protection of over a hundred hectares of cloud forest in the valley as a result of buying land. Pacha Quindi also attempts to raise the awareness of local land owners for the need to restore and preserve this fragile habitat system.



Previously clear-cut pasture

Loss of forest causes even greater loss of biodiversity
Pacha Quindi Habitat Restoration Project understands that every attempt to improve the environment regardless of size is a valid undertaking. It is vital and crucial to the health of the planet in todays overwhelming wasteful and destructive atmosphere to contribute in some way, no matter how small, to the conservation and preservation of biodiversity.

Same area under restoration

Studies show mammals and birds are reclaiming the area
Pacha Quindi Habitat Restoration Project is helping to restore and regenerate deforested areas to its original Andean cloud forest habitat. The project is also dedicated to direct and demonstrate to both locals and tourists of the necessity for conservation and habitat restoration.

Removing non-native grass

The first important step in the long process of habitat restoration
Pacha Quindi takes great satisfaction in providing an opportunity to allow others to contribute in its efforts to make a difference. Not only does the habitat restoration project provide work for local people, but it also has a volunteer program to encourage others to play a part in its restoration efforts.

Sharing our Achievements

Yale students learn the importance of habitat restoration
Pacha Quindi encourages school visits to explain and demonstrate to students the importance of restoring and preserving the Andean cloud forest habitat. Pacha Quindi also provides an ideal location and Hummingbird Garden where visitors can see first hand the benefits of its conservation efforts.

Garden Trail Before Restoration

Degraded habitat with minimal benefit to native wildlife.
Severely disturbed habitat is characterized by very poor soil quality and a limited variety of both flora and fauna. This a very atypical situation for the Cloud Forest habitat, which has a detrimental affect on its climate and biodiversity. Removing the grass allows for the pioneer plants to establish themselves which begins to improve the soil and create shade for indigenous species to be planted.

Garden Trail After Restoration

Reconstructed habitat with greater benefit to native wildlife.
True habitat restoration in a long process which undergoes different stages of development as a means to return a degraded habitat to its original condition. It is a misconception to think that this procedure can be achieved in a few years by simply enabling the forest to return on its own. Active habitat restoration guarantees quality forest development and avoids decades of inferior growth consisting mainly of invasive species and scrub habitat.


Your Visit Makes A Difference In Helping Us To Preserve And Protect A Precious Part Of Our Planet!


At Pacha Quindi we have been living and working without elecricity for nearly two decades, which has been our choice in helping to maintain a minimal ecological footprint. However, we have a cell phone we can charge via battery which allows us to receive emails on site, so please feel free to contact us at:

Tony Nunnery

Barbara Bolz-Nunnery



If you wish to talk to us personally we can be reached at:

Mobile: 00593 9 595 2 8368 (from outside Ecuador)

Mobile: 011 593 9 595 2 8368 (from USA)

Mobile: 09 595 2 8368 (from inside Ecuador)

If you wish to visit there are various travel agencies who make day trips to our location, or one can contact us directly in order to stay in the self-catering cabin on site.

We recomend: Ecoturinadventure

Latitude: 0"00'35.80S         Longitude: 78"40'34.07W

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