Hummingbird Garden

When it comes to Hummingbird Gardens we are distinctly different from everybody else


Relaxing in the Garden 


Booted Racket-tail (female)


A short Day Trip from Quito and you can find yourself relaxing in the first Hummingbird Garden in Ecuador. Being off the beaten path, yet easy to reach, you will discover a very quite and secluded setting. The well designed garden layout invites you to stroll the garden trails while enjoying the spectacular cloud forest mountain views from various lookout points. The diversity of native flowering plants attract over 40 species of hummingbirds. Their joyful presence tempt even the most casual photographer to try to capture their brilliance and beauty.


The way we combine well designed gardens and natural habitat is unique 


Brown Inca feeding young


Violet-Tailed Sylph


Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird on nest

Purple-Throated Woodstar


Your visit makes a difference

The proceeds from the Pacha Quindi Hummingbird Garden entrance fee have been used to help finance the Pacha Quindi Nature Reserve and Habitat Restoration Project. How satisfying to know that your visit truly makes a difference since the entrance fee helps to promote the further restoration of deforested areas and secure the further preservation of the Nature Reserve which surrounds the Hummingbird Garden.




Booted Racket-tail (male)


Pacha Quindi which means “Hummingbird Place” in Quichua (a native language of South America) has been diligently working for nearly two decades to create this unique hummingbird garden. The Hummingbird Garden at Pacha Quindi has become a world renowned birding destination, especially since many of the hummingbirds found within the Endemic Bird Area of the Choco Region thrive here. Pacha Quindi is situated in the Tandayapa Valley of NW Ecuador. The Hummingbird Garden is centrally located between Bella Vista Lodge and Tandayapa Bird Lodge, thus it is an ideal place to visit for guests staying at either lodge. 



Wedge-billed Hummingbird piercing flower


Violet-Purple Coronet


Rufous-tailed Hummingbird feeding young


Violet-tailed Sylph



Should one wish to visit there are Day Trips from Quito that can be arranged from most travel agents upon request. If staying at one of the nearby lodges simply drop in and relax in the garden. Another option is to contact us directly so that we can help you to organize your visit. 


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